Accounting and Business Planning & Consulting Services Offered


VBS was founded by Mike Cagle. VBS was born back in 2005 after several years of business experiences. I started my career in the plastics manufacturing industry in the accounting department and later running a division for the plant. Having been approached by a bank executive to come and speak with them about a position to run their main office branch, I spent 12 years banking and it was a very successful career. I had always wanted to start a business and after seeing mistake after mistake by my bank clients, I wanted to prove to myself that it could happen for me. I started my FIRST business, BPS, Inc and later becoming Ameri-Check, which was a payment processing company. It quickly grew form a part-time business to where I had to leave my banking job and jump 100% into the new business. We grew to over 3400 accounts in 20 states in five years. During that time, I started several other businesses such as two income tax franchises, two mortgage companies, import business, wholesale company and IT recruiting businesses and consulting business. Yes, that was a lot and it took it's toll on my physical health. At 40 years of age, my doctor stated I was under too much stress and working way too much and he was right. After some serious medical issues, I decided to scale back at my doctor's request and my wife's. 

After a few months of rest, I got bored and decided to take on consulting project work for two different national consulting companies, one in Chicago and the other in San Antonio [they were in different areas of business]. I then travelled the United States for a few years until my daughter was getting ready for high school. At that time I decided that I needed to spend more time at home since I had missed most of my son's early college days.

That was when VBS was formed. One of the consulting companies dealt with multi-billion companies and the other dealt with closely held family owned businesses. Working with the small family owned businesses was much more enjoyable for me and that was what made me decide to start working with start-ups all over the U.S. Now, I work mainly from a home office and try and give as much of my experiences both good and bad to entrepreneurs across the country. I still consult with existing companies on project work for 30 days to 36 month contracts. Now I travel much less and truly enjoy the feeling of assisting business owners in some way with their business. 

You may ask WHY charge such a low price for my work, when you can charge much more? That is because without new business start-ups, people all across America are having a hard time making ends meet and feeding their families. Jobs in their communities are gone and they must be pro-active by making their futures for their families. The workplace has changed and it people all across the country are looking to make their families lives much, much better and hopefully leave something for their children to work with when they grow up. Putting people in charge of their futures...That is my focus. 

The Business Planning process takes many, many hours to complete even for experienced business plan writers but without theVISON for the business you will not succeed. That takes certain skill-sets which are not found in all people.  I posses those skills. 

I look forward to working with you on your business venture. 

Mike Cagle