Staffing Agency - Home Based - $15000

                                              [3 payments of $5000.00 each over three months]

Congratulations! You've taken the first step to creating your own freedom by wanting to start a home-based business. This is one of the best industries to start a business from your home that can earn your 6 FIGURE INCOMES quickly and you work on your own schedule. Now don't get me wrong you do have to work since NOTHING comes easy for FREE.... I can show you how to start, operate and manage this business in all aspects for your success. You supply the time and effort and you'll be on your way to a profitable and satisfying career. I got involved many years ago really by accident. I saw an ad for a business for sale and it turned out to be a recruiting company in Memphis, Tennessee. After negotiating the sales prices [seller had gotten divorced and remarried and decided to retire] I took over. The previous owner had gotten disinterested in the business after the divorce. It was a gem in the rough. It was primarily an IT Programmers, Business Analyst Niche firm. After running and expanding the sales base in 6-months, I sold the business to one of its employees since he had gotten the same HO HUM BUG that the owner was spreading throughout the company of 5 employees. Then, I started another staffing firm and we did recruiting for a well know non-profit children's hospital in Memphis. That company was sold several months later. Over the last 20 plus years I have started and/or sold 9 different companies. 

I'm not going to tell you that this industry is for everyone and I'm not going to say you won't have to work hard to experience success. But, I will tell you that earning a six-figure income in this industry from the comfort of your home is not that uncommon. The staffing industry is one of the largest and oldest professions in the world dating back to 55 B.C. If you Google, "what is the average recruiting fee" you will find that the average fee a company is willing to pay for recruiting services is $22,113. You will also find that 90% of all business uses the service of a staffing company. Most importantly...the staffing industry is often referred to as "one of the most purposeful careers" in the world! That's because you truly do make a difference and have the ability to changes people's lives forever by finding them a job they'll love!

What is the Opportunity and how will I make money? 
I am seeking an entrepreneurial-minded individual who would like to start a Home-Based Staffing/Recruiting Business and become my apprentice. This business can be located anywhere, and you'll have multiple income streams to offer your clients (including residual income). 
As a Home-Based Staffing Business, you will offer the following services to companies and job seekers:

Employer Services
• Contingency Recruiting Fees 
• Monthly and One-Time Retainer Fees 
• Contract / Temp-to-Hire Fees
• Outplacement Services
• Corporate Training 

Job Seeker Services
• Career Development Services 
• Resume Writing & Career Coaching 

What kind of qualifications do I need and what does a "day in the life" look like?

As I mentioned, the staffing industry is often referred to as "one of the most purposeful careers" in the world! That's because you truly do make a difference and change people's lives forever by finding them a job they'll love! According to a Gallup pool, only 13% of all employees worldwide are engaged at work. This means that 87% of all employees show up to work on autopilot Monday morning. The results are poor company performance and miserable employees.

As a recruiter, you will partner with your client companies to gain an understanding of who they need to hire. Then, through the techniques you'll learn from me, you will be able to find those people who are the best fit for the job! The end results are a happy employer and a happy employee!

Having owned different staffing companies over the last 15 years, I have found that the most common traits of a successful recruiter are:

• An excellent "People Person"
• Likes the idea of being a Private Investigator and Matchmaker
• Must be resilient, tenacious and possess some sales/customer service skills
• Is an effective communicator (one-on-one and in large groups)

How does the training work and how much does it cost to start my home-based staffing business?

Once you are accepted as my apprentice, I will walk you thru the setup and training for your startup business. I will work with you for 3 months to assist and guide you. I will work with you to develop your Business Model that suits your skills and what you are comfortable with and you will receive the following. 

• Help developing your Niche Market Business Model based on various factors
• Business Plan - [15 to 30 pages or more]
• 5-YR Financial Projections
• Research for your Market / Industry
• Consulting for 3 months
• Additional consulting after 3-months is also available if you would like it. 
• I will hold your hand during the start-up and operational process to get you started down the correct path
• Teleseminar Training workshops, scheduled monthly, you will learn how to:
• Quickly set up your home office for success
• Easily find clients who are will to pay multiple finder's fees
• Negotiate top dollar for your services
• Quickly find the right candidates for your clients
• Setup invoicing so you receive those large checks in as little as 10 to 30 days 
• Determine your Business Structure 
• File your corporate startup docs [Note: the fees may be an additional cost depending on exact corporate structure you choose]
• Logo Design 
• Website Design

Additional Services also available:

• Bookkeeping
• Consulting
• Website Management
• Email Management
• Etc.

Over the years of doing start-up and operational business consulting, many, many people in the last year have started asking me to recommend a business for them to start from home. After doing months of research and inputting my own personal experiences, the business that keep resurfacing was the STAFFING/ RECRUITING INDUSTRY as the best option out there for potential with very low cost. Franchises for retail businesses of all sorts are extremely risky, as is ALL BUSINESS START-ups, but the staffing industry carries a much lower financial burden to get into business. Having done many different business plans for startups in the staffing/recruiting industry and seeing their success. I decided to concentrate on this industry to answer those questions for people looking to start a business.

As I mentioned, I am not looking for an employee. My role is to allow people to take control of their business lives and income to become entrepreneurs to build your own success in life to support you and your families. If you're looking for a job as a recruiter, then there are plenty of Staffing Agencies who are looking to hire you! Just jump online and search for Staffing Agencies in your area and I'm sure you'll get an interview. Keep in mind, they will probably expect you to invoice $150,000 to $200,000 your first year and will pay you commissions of $50,000 to $70,000 (which is a great living). However, if you want to keep 100% of what you invoice, then you should start your own business.

I'm looking for an entrepreneurial-minded individual who would like to start a Home-Based Staffing/Recruiting. It's important that I partner with someone who is not looking for a "get rich quick" scheme. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither will this business. As a result, there are costs involved with starting your own business. However, the nice thing about this industry is that you can keep your operating costs extremely low while starting out. So, here's what you can expect and need to plan for:

Start-Up Costs

• Operating Costs: Since you'll be working from home, all you really need is an Internet connection, phone and a computer (most of the time, we find that most people already have this in place). Plus, the nice thing about working from home is that there are certain things you can write-off on your taxes, so make sure to ask your accountant. 
• Training Costs: My training fee is $15,000 and is due in 3 equal installments. The first $5,000 is due once you're approved into my program; the second $5,000 is due when you receive your first fee or after the first month and the third $5,000 is due when you receive your second fee or after the 2nd month. 

I'm interested; what's next? 

Send me an email with your direct contact info listed with at least three different contact times for us to speak. After 10 minutes on the phone you should be able to decide if this business is for you. All billing and payments will be processed thru PayPal, so you are protected if I do not provide you the services as stated. You can pay via the link at the bottom of this page or on the services page. 

 Good Luck....

Email me today.... Michael Cagle / VBS


Accounting and Business Planning & Consulting Services Offered


Start a Home Based Staffing Agency  $15,000 [3 Payments @ $5,000 each monthly]. Includes 3-month Consulting, business registration, etc.